Hi :)My name is Marcos A. Gaspar—also known as Rhythmroo around the internet—and I am a critical listener of music, as well as a fan of the many genres of music that exist—especially that of videogame music. I began my first videogame music blog, VGTO! Reviews, during spring of 2008, focusing on soundtrack reviews and composer spotlights. I upgraded from that blog during August of 2009 for Rhythmroo.com, which I continued reviewing soundtracks, but taking the approach as a news-type blog, covering then-recent album/soundtrack releases and other various vgm-related topics.

Since then, I’ve fallen under the radar—blogging occasionally on Tumblr under the guise of A Video Game Music Blog/Rhythmroo (again), occasionally chatting with folks on twitter, as well passing by other vgm blogs/sites. The eventual decay of my blogging was not without reason; the tradeoff was that I spent more time studying music of various periods and genres, as well focusing on my other academic duties as a student of music history.

To have a general idea on what exactly I’ve been reading and studying, I leave a link to my LibraryThing profile. I urge you to visit the profile and view my collection, as the items you find there will help determine how you approach—as well appreciate—this blog. If there are certain books you see in the list that you are reading/have read and would like to chat about them, let me know, as I am always interested in hearing the thoughts of other readers. Don’t be shy…

Thank you for your time.

My warmest regards,


Posted September 27, 2013 by Marcos Gaspar

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