Here you will find links to other blogs I update infrequently as well as links to other hip game music related sites, groups, orchestras, podcasts, radio shows, etc. Also, in case you ever want to get in contact with me, here’s the blog’s email: rhythmroo@live.com

While similar topics are covered on both blogs, Rhythmroo.com is used more for Reviews and Features rather than Classical/Game music comparison.

A Video Game Music Blog (Follow)
I use this Tumblr blog to post random Video Game Music I’m listening at the moment. I have it so anyone can upload any Video Game Music post, so if you’d like to share what you’re listening to at the moment or Game Music related topics, shoot off a post! 🙂

The TOUmblr (Follow)
We all have our dirty little pleasures, mine happens to be enjoying the music from Touhou on occasion. There is no method of what is uploaded. One day may be vocal-rock and the next orchestra/techno. This Tumblr blog is not open-post unfortunately, but I have it set up so that you can click “random” and listen to a random Touhou arrange/original, but be careful of the duds (removed vids)! 😉


Arecibo Radio
Online Radio Show that provides quality Turntablism, 8bit, Chiptunes, Nerdcore, and live DJ Mixes to listen, along with a variety of many other genres.

Doctor Octoroc
Bead Art, Chiptunes, Jersey Shore RPG Animation; What doesn’t this awesome guy do? Honestly check out some of his projects… extremely amazing.

Game Music 4 All
A website dedicated to the promotion of all Video Game inspired music today. Come here to find out about all the best Video Game Music cover bands, Chiptune Artists, Video Game Remixers, Nerdcore Rappers, Micromusicians, and 8 bit artists, as well as concerts, news, and interviews.

A weekly dose of hard-hitting music, particularly of the videogame and videogame-inspired variety, as well as chiptunes, nerdcore and original rock and metal. It is a continuation of Nitro Game Injection’s pre-episode 100 format and is hosted by KyleJCrb.

Nitro Game Injection
A Video Game Music and discussion podcast that focuses on original soundtracks, remixes, covers, chiptunes, doujin music, game-inspired originals, and the communities that encompass them.

Video Game Music Archive
Largest archive of Video Game MIDIs on the web.


Posted August 18, 2011 by Marcos Gaspar

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